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hIOTron Introduces IoT COVID 19 Contact Less Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, June 12, 2020: With rapidly spreading diseases like COVID-19, hIOTron introduced an IoT enabled smart thermometer to detect coronavirus symptoms at an early stage.

Now, almost every country puts an effort towards making Anti-COVID vaccine, smart Ventilators, Maintaining the social distancing awareness & Diagnosing the virus at the initial stage using thermometer guns.

There is a requirement to build a solution that will diagnose and prohibit the spread of the disease.

An internet-connected smart thermometer, connected to a mobile app, which not only aggregates a person’s body temperature but also records it and also detects if that specific person is wear a face-mask or not.

This real-time data allows to track symptoms, so the health industry can be better prepared to organize the right resources in the right places at the right times for further treatments.

So we have come up with the solution where we have connected thermometer with the smartphone and innovated Thermo-phone.

This smart thermometer simply operates on a standard protocol which is Bluetooth.

Thermo-phone is a small size the smart thermometer that has multiple functionalities such as it monitors body temperature and record it also it has a certain functionality to recognize whether the person wearing a mask or not.

This IoT Enabled solution will definitely help to detect COVID-19 symptoms in its early stage which will help to take preventive actions to curb the spread of such diseases.


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