Mumbai AC Local: is it truly local



Average person in a city like Mumbai works 12 hours a day to meet both ends. Pandit Nehru said roti, kapda, makan. Devang Mehta added 3 more to the list bijali, Pani, bandwidth. I would like to 7 and last term in the list, PARIVAHAN Yes, you heard right. It's a basic need. Better transport should be accessible to EVERYONE. Till the last man standing in the queue didn't get access to better basic facilities any scheme of government cannot be called successful. Mumbai local is lifeline of Mumbai. Suburb line is extremely busy. Lakhs of working men and women travel from suburbs to Mumbai city everyday. A huge lot of this population earns below minimum wages. More than half the population come from poor class. They struggle daily to reach to work. Railways has added MUMBAI LOCAL AC TRAIN to give commuters some comfort. But wait a moment this comfort is to those who are already comfortable in flying private jets. One way full journey ticket price is close to Rs. 300, almost equivalent to minimum wages. It's way costlier 10 to 15 times than traveling in a local train and even in a metro train. Perhaps the policy makers thinks better transport is only meant for rich. Train is running for rich class only so they can save more or is it priced so to repair the damage done by fraudsters supported by UPA and BJP regime together? Whether govt loss or gain from Mumbai local AC train but in the public domain its a complete failure.

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